Artisteer vs TemplateToaster: Comparing the Top Two Theme Builder Software (The Definite Guide)

In the tech-conscious world today, Internet users are growing day by day. Thus, grows the necessity to mark your presence on the internet. So, having a good website for your business becomes crucial.

Your website is the face of your business, it needs to be ‘good’.

How to make the website ‘good’? you ask.
The answer to this question is very clear, just choose the right website builder.

But, How? Which is the right website builder?

Here’s, my experience with the two very handy website builders(Artisteer and TemplateToaster) to help you in this quest.


TemplateToaster and Artisteer both are great! But unlike Artisteer, TemplateToaster is being actively developed. TemplateToaster is providing frequent updates and iterations while Artisteer has stopped development.

Can you believe, they are not developing it(Artisteer)! You are not going to get any updates. Then, How will they keep you on par with the latest advancements?


TemplateToaster, on the other hand, is quite regular with its updates. It is soon expected to upgrade to a new version with a plethora of new features, especially on the e-commerce platform.

TemplateToaster Dashboard screenshot

Designing Capabilities

When you start looking for a website builder the foremost thing you tend to consider is the designing capability. You always want your website to look beautiful, simple and well managed. Hence, you look for the tool that offers such a functionality.

TemplateToaster and Artisteer offer a wide range of features to tailor your website according to your needs. I’m doing a head-on comparison describing various designing capabilities of TemplateToaster and Artisteer in the table below:

Designing Capabilities TemplateToaster Artisteer
BootStrap functionality



HTML code Editing



Start from the Scratch



Google and Custom fonts compatibility



Accustom Mobile view



Code Optimization



Custom Module/Widget Areas/Region design



Free Templates/Themes



User Friendliness

TemplateToaster and Artisteer offer quite an intuitive interface. They offer an interacting and well-managed interface which is still different in many ways.

TemplateToaster offers a WYSIWYG editor with a well-managed drag and drop interface. However, Artisteer interface is a bit more on the structured side.

Features TemplateToaster Artisteer
Theme Options in the WordPress dashboard



Transparency Options



WYSIWYG editor



Drag and Drop interface



WordPress content Editing



Allows designing more than one Page Template in WordPress



Unlimited period Trial Edition



Whereas, Artisteer’s interface is somewhat simpler than the TemplateToaster. It might be due to the lesser number of options but it is a fair bit simpler. Also, TemplateToaster offers a number of professionally designed themes in comparison to Artisteer. And, the quality of themes it offers is slightly better than the Artisteer.


Both the tools TemplateToaster and Artisteer offer a wide functionality. They offer a number of features that make website designing easier. Still, they differ in their functionality. Let me discuss some key traits responsible for the flexibility and appropriateness of TemplateToaster and Artisteer:



  • It works with almost all the CMSes.You can design Heading/Footer Tag of your Website.
  • You can design Heading/Footer Tag of your Website.
  • Templates are based on the BootStrap.
  • WordPress content editing is supported and it is imported using WordPress API.
  • You need not have the knowledge of the coding.
  • You can sell the templates you design on their MarketPlace.


  • Cannot alter the HTML code of your website.
  • A very few transparency options.



  • You can even alter the HTML code of your Website.
  • It provides a lot of transparency options.
  • Great graphic management.
  • Knowledge of coding is not required.
  • Interface it offers is very simple and well managed.
  • It allows you to sell your templates on its MarketPlace.


  • Works with major CMSes only.
  • It is not BootStrap compatible.
  • You cannot alter the Heading/Footer Tag.
  • Cannot edit your content in the WordPress.

Customer Support

Customer Support is always a major point in consideration while selecting a tool. Whether you are a new user or an expert, a good customer support always plays a vital role in fine tuning your experience using the tool.


TemplateToaster offers quite an extensive customer support. It also offers a number of features to help you getting started.


Getting Started

Other than this you could also contact them through social media. And the most important thing is that they are very frequent with their replies and responses. You need not wait for hours or days to get the desired solution to your problem.


Artisteer also provides a good customer support. It offers a considerable set of features to help you getting started.


Getting Started

They are not so active on social media, you might not want to contact them via social media.


When we consider buying a tool its pricing plays a vital role. Thus, for a tool to be a ‘worth buy’, it should be fairly priced with the right set of features. Let me take you through the pricing charts of TemplateToaster and Artisteer so that you could make a sound decision.


Artisteer vs TemplateToaster Pricing Comparison

TemplateToaster offers two pricing editions $49 and $149. The lower price edition of the TemplateToaster offers more of a basic functionality like CMS support, BootStrap framework, Free updates, Free Templates etc. Whereas, higher price edition of the TemplateToaster offers complete functionality like ‘Use Custom Images in the Template’, Ftp options etc.


artisteer vs templatetoaster Pricing comparison

Artisteer, on the other hand, offers three pricing editions $49.95, $129.95, $199.95. And, like TemplateToaster lower price version of Artisteer provides only the basic functionality. The noticeable fact here is that only $199.95 pricing edition of Artisteer provides e-commerce functionality. I mean to say that you have additional $70 to have e-commerce functionality. However, with TemplateToaster you are getting all this and also e-commerce functionality in $149.


In the article, above I tried to compare Artisteer and TemplateToaster on the basis of my experience working with them. I made a head-on comparison and discussed various highlights and understates of these two tools so that you may make a wise decision.

If you ask me, I will go with the TemplateToaster. It offers me more designing freedom and manual handling. But, it’s just my view, you can pick your own winner according to your preferences.


Bootstrap Capability Pushes TemplateToaster Ahead of Artisteer

Bootstrap is known as a robust framework for developing mobile first websites. Use of Bootstrap templates is the latest trend in web development. Buzz about Bootstrap is so loud that people ask developers for Bootstrap based designs. I am going to give you a glance about why Bootstrap technology is being appreciated.

Bootstrap Aims at Consistency

Bootstrap is intended for consistency in web development. It ensures uniform results across browsers and devices. The major concerns about web development are related to responsiveness, and affinity across browsers, which Bootstrap resolves. That is why, it has been accepted widely by developers and designers.

TemplateToaster is robust with Bootstrap functions

It’s very interesting that we have a generator that give the advantage of Bootstrap technique. TemplateToaster senses the new trends and adapts itself in accord with them to give maximum benefits of current technologies to its users (designers & developers). TemplateToaster fully supports Bootstrap features, which ensure that template development is definitely responsive and it would work well across all the standard browsers.

Bootstrap Buttons, Alerts, Labels and Badges

Stylish, appealing buttons can be made a part of template using TemplateToaster. The functionality Bootstrap offers to designer to make attractive buttons, this software includes. Similarly, badges, labels and alerts can also be added and styling is allowed through options provided.

Designer may customize responsive views differently

I have already said that templates by TemplateToaster occur fully responsive and all browsers compatible. Amazing fact is that, tablet and mobile responsive views can be designed independent of desktop view. Generally, it happens that user is allowed to design desktop view of template, and responsive views adapt that design- they can’t be changed. Unlike such software, TemplateToaster allows customizing tablet, mobile and responsive view differently-independently.

TemplateToaster is comparatively richer than Artisteer.

TemplateToaster Review- A Far Better WordPress Theme Generator

I am into web designing, and thus I know the importance of a good software which comes a great help for designers. I have taken the experience of template designing with the help of various software, and I must say TemplateToaster is a greatly helpful software for designers. Since inviting template designs are possible with detailing, TemplateToaster allows detailing by giving us huge options.

Important Features

I had taken its free trial before paying for it which made me to shell out $ 99 for its professional edition. Since then I have been using this software for my work. I am sharing the most lovable features, though I like every feature of it, and definitely you too would like.

Designing web template from Scratch

Generally, online template generators do not ask for designing from scratch. They provide us with colored canvas along with customization options. The real creative minds require white blank canvas to show their creativity. TemplateToaster allows to design templates from scratch as well as offer sample designs.

Custom Color Scheme

The designers put emphasis on the color scheme because the color scheme of template holds the very importance of inviting viewers’ attention. TemplateToaster do not restrict to choose from pre-made color schemes, but it asks for making custom color scheme.

Slide Show Detailing

Cradle of beautiful images in the head area of the template comes preference of most of the people. This software provides option for an amazing slide show. Yes, the truly amazing slide show, as the slide show have been given a segregate module, instead of a sub-module of header module.

Allows to pick custom images

For the slide show and other places, images can be browsed from the system. Custom images can be brought to any portion of the template. The most interesting thing is that Images can be modified in image editor.

Image Editor

The Images we browse automatically opens up in image editor where they can be edited in different ways. Cropping, resizing, reshaping, do anything with the images to paste in better ways on the under construction template.

Widget ready template

Preferred number of widgets can be put into the template by drawing widget areas. No other software offers this feature except TemplateToaster. I know that too many widgets spoil the look of the website, but freedom of putting required widgets is provided by this software.


Presets are very much helpful to designers because they save time. Nice presets for buttons, breadcrumbs, and pagination have been given.

In built Logos

With plenty of logos designer may be benefitted in situations when clients send the requirement for making logos for their businesses.


The whole words I have said till this point advocate trying its demo once. It’s really very easy to design templates with this software. It produces good code that can be inspected as well.  It provides comparatively  many options than Artisteer.  And truly a very good theme generator.




Faceoff: TemplateToaster Vs Artisteer

TemplateToaster and Artisteer are two popular names of theme generators. Both the software are intuitive and heavily in use. Here is the comparison between these two based on five major parameters.


Artisteer lags behind the TemplateToaster in advancement. TemplateToaster listens to its user, and hence optimization goes on. Developers of Artisteer seems lazy in optimizing their product on user requirements. See the forums on their respective pages and you will get to know.


TemplateToaster is all set to launch their version 5. Yet it is available for its version 4. Artisteer has not brought any new functionality, whereas TemplateToaster is bringing theme options with the generated themes, which include SEO and customization options. TemplateToaster comes with new features in quite intervals.

Bootstrap Functionality

Artisteer is not Bootstrap powered, but TemplateToaster is. Owing to Bootstrap functions integrated, TemplateToaster is able to generate more responsive and absolute browsers compatible themes. Though Artisteer is also responsive, but not Bootstrap powered. Its users have reported unresponsiveness in version 4.

Web Design Trends

TemplateToaster is offering numerous options in accord with current web design trends. In recent times, images are preferred over content in business websites. Artisteer allows to add the Flash in header in contrast with TemplateToaster which allows to add slide show with different transition effects.

Designing Options

TemplateToaster have much more options than Artisteer. Detailing is possible with TemplateToaster. Even little things as border style-thickness-radius-color, can be set as per choice. Improved Image editor is also there.


Artisteer is pricier than TemplateToaster. The professional edition of Artisteer costs for $129.95 and of TemplateToaster $99.99.

Why TemplateToaster is better than Artisteer

I am fond of developing themes with TemplateToaster. Its features and ease of use has made me its admirer. While browsing online I read somewhere that TemplateToaster is heavily based on Artisteer. This statement raised my curiosity in Artisteer, so I decided to evaluate it.

I find no truth in this statement after experiencing Artisteer’s features. Both are web design software, which require not to write code to make web designs, but have dissimilarities in terms of features. The contrast I have drawn between these two is wrapped under the following headings:

No Messy Code!

This is the best things about TemplateToaster. TemplateToaster generates very clean code that is what we wanted for long for long. This one is the utmost reason for loving TemplateToaster. The clean code guarantees lightweight themes, hence, faster loading of themes. Truly, it creates precise source code for themes like adept programmer.

Bootstrap Code

The code generated by TemplateToaster consists bootstrap code. The bootstrap is like a standard in web development industry. The TemplateToaster supports bootstrap with full affinity that is why, we can see the use of bootstrap code in the TemplateToaster generated themes.

Interface- TemplateToaster has better

Visual interface is a little similar but user experience is completely different. TemplateToaster’s user experience is rather good than Artisteer. TemplateToaster’s interface seems designed for people like us who want everything without compromising simplicity.

Designing abilities

TemplateToaster and Artisteer both have enough design abilities. Indeed TemplateToaster has exhaustive designing options. TemplateToaster has more features than Artisteer. The complete features, you can know yourself by having its trial. When, you will use this software, you will definitely love it.

Custom Widgets

This feature you may not find in any web design software. TemplateToaster gives the freedom to make and place any number of widgets in a theme, and flexibility to customize widgets is also great. And, this feature is available for all the supported content management systems.


TemplateToaster is fully responsive. All of its versions have been responsive without fail, whereas, Artisteer is responsive in version 4 and not in earlier versions. Artisteer lacks when it comes to compatibility with earlier version of Internet Explorer. And TemplateToaster is again a success in cross browser compatibility. It’s fair for IE 7, 8, 9, and 10 along with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Offline or Online

Yet another good side of TemplateToaster is that you can preview the design in browser, be offline or online. But you can’t preview design while offline in case you are working on Artisteer. I find imposition by staying online to work on my web design disadvantage.

Awesome theme options by TemplateToaster that Artisteer does not have

The biggest difference between TemplateToaster and Artisteer is about “theme options”. Themes generated by TemplateToaster will show theme options at the WordPress dashboard including “backup” and “SEO”. So user will not have to seek SEO plug-in. Artisteer is the opposite case, it does not give even a single option with its theme.


I can conclude that TemplateToaster is better than Artisteer. TemplateToaster have more usability for developers than Artisteer. Though Artisteer is also good for basic website and blogs. And calling TemplateToaster as copy of Artisteer would be wrong.



TemplateToaster Review

In recent times, having a good website is crucial for any business or blog. An excellent website will enable you to easily get exposed to the public domain. People from just about anywhere in the world will be able to log in and find out what you are able to do. This has been made even better by the proliferation of web hosting services which have made it very affordable for one to have their own website. Since owning a website has become very affordable, the next obstacle is developing the website itself. Initially, you might have had to employ the services of a web developer, who would have charged you a crazy amount of money for an exceptional website.

This is where TemplateToaser has come to save the day. With TemplateToaser, you will be able to develop top of the range themes for a variety of web content management platforms. You have a WordPress theme generator, Joomla theme designer and Drupal theme builder all in one. You also get to develop themes for Magento as well as web pages using HTML5 and CSS3. The awesome thing about this is that you do not need to be a web programming guru. You don’t need to know any web programming languages like HTML or PHP. All you do is simply drag and drop different elements on your canvas.

TemplateToaster has a free trial version which doesn’t have a time limit. This is great if you are new to the software and want to know how well it can be used as a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal theme builder. However, the trial version will print “Evaluation Version” watermarks all over the exported templates. If you like what you get, you can then upgrade to the standard edition for $39.99 or the Professional Edition for $99.99. This is a very fair price given the incredible power of this software which is as good as just about the best Joomla, Drupal or WordPress theme designer in the market.

Another useful feature of TemplateToaster is that you can design responsive web pages. With the WordPress, Drupal or Joomla theme generator, you can create websites which have optimal visibility on any device or screen size, which can be a smartphone, tablet or a computer. This is very useful so that your website will be able to accommodate all possible visitors.

The themes generated from TemplateToaster are compatible with any web browser. These include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Each web browser is different and building a theme that can fully function on any browser is always an added bonus for any website.

Other nifty features that come with TemplateToaster are custom widgets, which can be added to your theme to increase functionality. In addition, the software has full social media integration where you will be able to add buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites. TemplateToaster also has incredible media tools, which enable you to add and edit images, slide shows, menus and fonts. In normal circumstances these are tools which require you to know how to code but TemplateToaster helps you out with very intuitive and user friendly features.

Why don’t you have a try at TemplateToaster ? You will get a world class WordPress theme builder, Joomla theme generator or Drupal theme designer. You will not be disappointed.